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  • Thousands rally for end to nuclear power in Taiwan

    Date: 2014-03-08 12:58:42 GMT - Taiwan - World - SN:53 - ID:597146

    TAIPEI, March 8 (MENA) - Tens of thousands marched in Taiwan Saturday to call for an end to nuclear energy on the island, ahead of the third anniversary of the Fukushima atomic disaster in Japan, organisers said. In Taipei, protesters held ....

  • Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane flying to Beijing

    Date: 2014-03-08 05:52:31 GMT - Malaysia - World - SN:7 - ID:596272

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 (MENA) - Malaysia Airlines says it has lost contact with a plane travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 people on board, the BBC reported Saturday. The airline said in a statement that flight MH370 disappeared at ....

  • Armed men 'seize Crimea military base'

    Date: 2014-03-07 20:46:48 GMT - Ukraine - World - SN:131 - ID:596160

    KIEV, March 7 (MENA) - Armed men thought to be Russian have seized a Ukrainian military base in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, the BBC News reported on Friday. A journalist said no shots were fired and negotiations between the two sides were ....

  • UN chief urges calm over Crimea referendum

    Date: 2014-03-07 20:41:26 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:130 - ID:596075

    NEW YORK, March 7 (MENA) - United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has described the Crimean parliament's decision to call a referendum on whether to leave Ukraine and join Russia a "worrying and serious development". Ban's spokesman said on ....

  • Russia’s Gazprom warns Ukraine of new gas war

    Date: 2014-03-07 20:12:37 GMT - Russia - World - SN:125 - ID:596112

    MOSCOW, March 7 (MENA) - The head of Russia’s state-run energy company Gazprom said Friday that Ukraine has stopped paying for Russian gas supplies, which could trigger a repetition of 2009’s so-called “gas war” between the two ....

  • Lavrov warns Kerry that ‘reckless’ sanctions could come back to harm US

    Date: 2014-03-07 19:45:08 GMT - Russia - World - SN:124 - ID:596070

    MOSCOW, March 7 (MENA) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the United States against "hasty and reckless steps" that would damage relations between Russia and the US, a statement from Russian foreign ministry reported on Friday. In a ....

  • French FM hails ties with Qatar

    Date: 2014-03-07 19:05:06 GMT - France - World - SN:123 - ID:596022

    PARIS, March 7 (MENA) – French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has praised as very close his country's relations with Qatar. He was speaking during a meeting with on Friday with his Qatari counterpart Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah. Attiyah is ....

  • UNSC sets out steps to combat violations against children .. 2 New York

    Date: 2014-03-07 18:48:04 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:119 - ID:596036

    Fifteen years have passed since the Council adopted its first resolution specifically dedicated to children and armed conflict. A new element in today’s resolution is references to the use of schools by armed forces. The Council expressed deep ....

  • UNSC sets out steps to combat violations against children

    Date: 2014-03-07 18:45:27 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:118 - ID:596033

    NEW YORK, March 7 (MENA) - The Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution setting out practical steps to combat violations against children in armed conflict, as United Nations officials underscored the need to do more to ensure that ....

  • Warriors of the White War emerge from their frozen tomb: report

    Date: 2014-03-07 18:32:01 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:117 - ID:596008

    LONDON, March 7 (MENA) - The mummified bodies of soldiers who fell in the First World War 100 years ago are still being uncovered as glaciers melt - and experts say there could be many more to come, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. Corpses ....

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