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  • Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemns int'l silence towards Israeli calls for killing Gaza children

    Date: 2018-07-18 14:54:36 GMT - palestine - Middle East - SN:54 - ID:7494201

    RAMALLAH, July 18 (MENA) - Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday condemned the racist statements by Israeli officials, right-wing lawmakers and extremist rabbis who called for targeting Gaza children who are flying kites over Israel. In a ....

  • Arab Knesset member slams Israel's nationality bill

    Date: 2018-07-18 14:05:41 GMT - palestine - Middle East - SN:48 - ID:7494220

    RAMALLAH, July 18 (MENA) - Arab Knesset member Ahmed al Tibi slammed Israel's newly-drafted nationality bill that will drop the use of Arabic as an official national language and ban non-Jewish residents from residing in Israeli towns. This bill ....

  • Israel combs Abbara borderline area in preparation for wall construction

    Date: 2018-07-18 12:20:32 GMT - Lebanon - Middle East - SN:36 - ID:7494313

    BEIRUT, July 18 (MENA) - Israeli warplanes flew over the Lebanese Marjayoun in the south district of Nabatieh, the state news agency NNA reported on Wednesday. This came while Israeli forces are conducting a survey and combing operation along the ....

  • Israeli forces close Al Maghreba gate after 331 settlers stormed Al Aqsa mosque

    Date: 2018-07-18 11:54:37 GMT - palestine - Middle East - SN:31 - ID:7494216

    RAMALLAH, July 18 (MENA) - Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday closed down Al Maghreba gate after almost 331 Jewish settlers stormed the precincts of Al Aqsa Mosque to perform Talmudic rituals. Eyewitnesses said the settlers and their families ....

  • Israeli forces detain 29 Palestinians from West Bank

    Date: 2018-07-18 11:03:18 GMT - palestine - Middle East - SN:23 - ID:7493819

    RAMALLAH, July 18 (MENA) - Israeli forces Wednesday conducted multiple pre-dawn raids across the West Bank, detaining a total of 29 Palestinians, including a staffer of the Palestine Prisoner’s Club (PPC) and seven former prisoners, said ....

  • 150 Israeli settlers storm into Al Aqsa Mosque

    Date: 2018-07-18 08:39:05 GMT - palestine - Middle East - SN:9 - ID:7493804

    RAMALLAH, July 8 (MENA) - More than 150 Israeli settlers stormed into Al Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday guarded by Israeli forces. Palestinian Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Sheikh Yousef Adeis called on the Palestinians to rally at the holy ....

  • Rocket shelling on Nawa in Daraa leaves casualties

    Date: 2018-07-18 07:47:30 GMT - Syria - Middle East - SN:8 - ID:7493733

    DAMASCUS, July 18 (MENA) - Medical sources in the Syrian city of Nawa in Daraa governorate said the only hospital in the city is out of service a result of the heavy rocket and air bombing by the Syrian forces against the city. More than ten ....

  • Knesset rescinds law allowing PM, defense minister to declare war

    Date: 2018-07-17 22:30:37 GMT - Israel - Middle East - SN:104 - ID:7493544

    GAZA CITY, July 17 (MENA) - The Knesset on Tuesday rescinded legislation which gave the prime minister the authority to declare war upon consulting only the defense minister and not via a full cabinet vote, The Times of Israel reported. The ....

  • UN says new import restrictions risk triggering 'dramatic deterioration' in Gaza

    Date: 2018-07-17 21:35:41 GMT - Israel - Middle East - SN:97 - ID:7493600

    GAZA CITY, July 17 (MENA) - The UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories said the situation in Gaza is extremely precarious, according to a statement carried by UN News on Tuesday. "As events over the weekend ....

  • Sources: Turkish military convoy enters Syrian lands

    Date: 2018-07-17 13:32:02 GMT - Syria - Middle East - SN:53 - ID:7492438

    DAMASCUS, July 17 (MENA) - Syrian sources said that a Turkish military convoy has entered the Syrian territories, Sky news channel reported Tuesday. The convoy includes military vehicles, logistics equipment and foodstuff for the Turkish soldiers ....

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