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  • British troops go back to Iraq for Daesh fight -- Defense Secretary

    Date: 2014-11-05 17:47:00 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:106 - ID:1273105

    LONDON, Nov 5 (MENA) – UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has confirmed sending British troops back to Iraq to help local forces in the battle against terrorist Daesh members, the Sky News reported on Wednesday. Fallon said the UK was "stepping ....

  • Terror threat or attack on nation 'likely'- Norway

    Date: 2014-11-05 17:46:04 GMT - Norway - World - SN:105 - ID:1273489

    OSLO, Nov 5 (MENA) - Norwegian intelligence authorities said Wednesday that the Nordic country "likely" will be threatened by or hit with an act of terror in the next 12 months, the ABC News reported. The Joint Counter Terror Center said ....

  • Poland adopts new defense strategy over Ukraine 'instability'

    Date: 2014-11-05 15:05:28 GMT - Poland - World - SN:77 - ID:1272181

    WARSAW, Nov 5 (MENA) - Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski has signed into law a new national defense strategy, saying it was made necessary by the instability and threats to security in neighboring Ukraine, Fox News reported. Komorowski said ....

  • All spent fuel removed from Japan's Fukushima No.4 reactor

    Date: 2014-11-05 14:52:15 GMT - Japan - World - SN:74 - ID:1272177

    TOKYO, Nov 5 (MENA) - Japanese workers have finished removing highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel from one of the reactor buildings at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant, NHK World reported. The No.4 reactor had no nuclear fuel when the plant ....

  • Strike, tear Gas in Kashmir after army kills 2

    Date: 2014-11-05 13:43:06 GMT - India - World - SN:66 - ID:1270925

    NEW DELHI, Nov 5 (MENA) - Shops and businesses were closed in Indian-controlled Kashmir and small protests broke out after separatists called a strike Wednesday following the killings of two teenagers by army soldiers at a roadblock, according to ....

  • FAO: 30% of world's population suffer from malnutrition

    Date: 2014-11-05 13:32:22 GMT - Egypt - World - SN:59 - ID:1270961

    CAIRO, Nov 5 (MENA) - More than two billion people suffer from malnutrition on a daily basis despite increased access to food worldwide, according to the report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The ....

  • Obama to host meeting of congressional leaders on Friday

    Date: 2014-11-05 13:07:42 GMT - USA - World - SN:56 - ID:1269849

    WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (MENA) - President Barack Obama will host a group of bipartisan Congressional leaders in the White House after the midterm elections, sources told Fox News. Two Congressional sources told Fox News that the president is planning ....

  • Prince Charles urges religious groups to respect different faiths

    Date: 2014-11-05 12:52:54 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:53 - ID:1270969

    LONDON, Nov 5 (MENA) - Britain’s Prince Charles urged religious leaders to encourage followers to respect those of other faiths, drawing on the current persecution of Christians in the Middle East as an example where that respect is lacking, ....

  • Japan Chamber of Commerce urges Taiwan to ease economic reliance on China

    Date: 2014-11-05 12:35:06 GMT - Japan - World - SN:49 - ID:1269861

    TOKYO, Nov 5 (MENA) - The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taipei "strongly required" Taiwan to separate itself from what it called a China-leaning economic structure, in its annual white paper released Wednesday, Kyodo news agency ....

  • Chinese premier to attend East Asia leaders' meetings in Myanmar

    Date: 2014-11-05 11:28:32 GMT - China - World - SN:42 - ID:1269857

    BEIJING, Nov 5 (MENA) - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend a series of leaders' meeting on East Asia cooperation from Nov. 12 to 14 in Myanmar, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang announced Wednesday, Xinhua news agency reported. The ....

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