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  • Chinese FM to visit Russia, Hungary, Britain

    Date: 2015-06-02 07:08:58 GMT - China - World - SN:7 - ID:2711749

    BEIJING, June 2 (MENA) - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Russia, Hungary and Britain from June 3 to 10, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying announced on Tuesday. Wang will attend a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation ....

  • Deputy FM arrives in Paris to attend ministerial meeting of int'l coalition against Daesh

    Date: 2015-06-01 22:47:39 GMT - France - World - SN:148 - ID:2711257

    PARIS, June 1 (MENA) - Egypt's Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Loza arrived in Paris on a two-day visit to France to take part in the second ministerial meeting of the international coalition against Daesh. Loza will chair the Egyptian delegation ....

  • Vietnam's PM says eyeing to enhance cooperation with Algeria

    Date: 2015-06-01 22:13:10 GMT - Algeria - World - SN:144 - ID:2711009

    ALGIERS, June 1 (MENA) - Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung said that his country is looking forward to enhancing cooperation with Algeria in various fields. In press statements following a meeting with Algerian President Abdelaziz ....

  • CIA director on Daesh: "This is going to be a long fight"

    Date: 2015-06-01 21:40:46 GMT - USA - World - SN:142 - ID:2711093

    WASHINGTON, June 1 (MENA) – CIA Director John Brennan said that the battle against Daesh will be "a long fight" that requires both a military and political solution, CBS reported on Monday. "I don't see this being resolved anytime soon," Brennan ....

  • UK must be ready to leave EU - London mayor

    Date: 2015-06-01 21:30:00 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:140 - ID:2711145

    LONDON, June 1 (MENA) - The UK must be prepared to walk away from the EU if sufficient reform is not achieved, Boris Johnson has said, according to the BBC. In his first Commons speech since returning as an MP, Johnson said he believed David ....

  • Putin considers sanctions absurd, not worthy of discussion - Kremlin

    Date: 2015-06-01 21:25:30 GMT - Russia - World - SN:139 - ID:2710965

    MOSCOW, June 1 (MENA) – Russian President Vladimir Putin never raises the issue of sanctions against Russia in talks with his foreign colleagues because Moscow considers the use of restrictive measures absurd and was not the initiator of "sanction ....

  • French unemployment rises 0.7% in April to historic high

    Date: 2015-06-01 21:09:39 GMT - France - World - SN:134 - ID:2711045

    PARIS, June 1 (MENA) - Despite some modest signs of economic recovery, French unemployment figures climbed to a historic high of 3.53 million people in April, according to official figures released on Monday, according to France24. Unemployment ....

  • Beijing launches toughest smoking ban

    Date: 2015-06-01 20:41:22 GMT - China - World - SN:131 - ID:2710957

    BEIJING, June 1 (MENA) - China’s capital began imposing the country’s toughest ban on smoking in public places Monday in hopes of stemming a looming health crisis in a society where smoking remains a nearly ubiquitous part of dining, social events ....

  • Lindsey Graham jumps into 2016 presidential race

    Date: 2015-06-01 20:12:08 GMT - USA - World - SN:125 - ID:2710657

    WASHINGTON, June 1 (MENA) - South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is “ready to be commander-in-chief on day one,” the Republican said, announcing his presidential bid from his hometown today, ABC News reported on Monday. "I’m pretty sure no one ....

  • Rosatom company ready to build nuclear reactors in continental part of China

    Date: 2015-06-01 19:39:14 GMT - Russia - World - SN:117 - ID:2710569

    MOSCOW, June 1 (MENA) - Deputy Director General of Rosatom for International Business and Development Kirill Komarov said that the company is ready to build nuclear reactors in the continental part of China. China considers the possibility of ....

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