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  • 'Israel-Germany ties are close, will continue to be': Israeli official

    Date: 2016-04-30 21:52:05 GMT - Israel - World - SN:98 - ID:4823885

    GAZA CITY, April 30 (MENA) - A senior Israeli official on Saturday responded to claims that Germany's support for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policies may be waning, the Israeli Haaretz daily reports. The official told Haaretz ....

  • Overturned truck carrying stones kills 14 in China

    Date: 2016-04-30 19:24:56 GMT - China - World - SN:83 - ID:4823201

    BEIJING, April 30 (MENA) - Chinese authorities say 14 people were killed when a truck carrying stones overturned and dumped its cargo onto a roadside activity center. The central government's State Administration of Work Safety said Friday's ....

  • Japan, China express serious concern over N. Korean missile test

    Date: 2016-04-30 19:02:27 GMT - Japan - World - SN:77 - ID:4822409

    TOKYO, April 30 (MENA) - Japan and China expressed serious concern over North Korea which has been carrying out ballistic missile test launches, NHK reported. Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing ....

  • Ex-London mayor stands by Hitler comments

    Date: 2016-04-30 18:59:21 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:75 - ID:4822873

    LONDON, April 30 (MENA) – Ken Livingstone has stood by his recent comments about Hitler, saying he was "not sorry for telling the truth," the BBC reported on Saturday. He said he "regretted" the disruption his comments had caused but "I believe ....

  • UK air strikes kill 1,000 Daesh fighters in Iraq, Syria

    Date: 2016-04-30 18:58:54 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:74 - ID:4822845

    LONDON, April 30 (MENA) – Air strikes in Iraq and Syria by the RAF have killed nearly 1,000 enemy "combatants" but not a single civilian, The Independent quoted the British Ministry of Defence as saying on Saturday. Royal Air Force (RAF) strikes ....

  • 2 men dead in North Yorkshire light aircraft crash

    Date: 2016-04-30 17:47:23 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:69 - ID:4822469

    LONDON, April 30 (MENA) - Two men have died in a light aircraft crash in North Yorkshire, police have confirmed. The pilot and a passenger died after the aircraft came down in a field off Mains Lane, between Whitwell-on-the-Hill and Wellburn, BBC ....

  • 400 arrested as left wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany

    Date: 2016-04-30 17:47:02 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:68 - ID:4822441

    LONDON, April 30 (MENA) – Hundreds of left-wing protesters have clashed with people attending a far-right party conference in the German city of Stuttgart, The Independent reported on Saturday. Around 1,000 officers were deployed at the ....

  • Moral debt for bombing Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan -- Paper

    Date: 2016-04-30 17:41:43 GMT - USA - World - SN:65 - ID:4822437

    NEW YORK, April 30 (MENA) - The torrent of mistakes that led an American military gunship to obliterate a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last October, killing 42 innocent people and wounding dozens, resulted from gross negligence, judging from the ....

  • Earthquakes continue in Japan's Kyushu

    Date: 2016-04-30 16:53:06 GMT - Japan - World - SN:62 - ID:4821893

    TOKYO, April 30 (MENA) - Seismic activity continues in Japan's southwestern region of Kyushu, NHK reported Saturday. As many as 49 people have died in Kumamoto Prefecture since the series of earthquakes began on April 14. A tremor that day ....

  • Pentagon details chain of errors in strike on Afghan hospital

    Date: 2016-04-30 16:40:13 GMT - USA - World - SN:60 - ID:4821861

    WASHINGTON, April 30 (MENA) - Human errors and technical and communication failures led to a devastating attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last year that killed 42 people, the Defense Department announced ....

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