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  • Ruling in "Ramses Square" violence case set for Sept. 18

    Date: 2017-08-28 11:13:48 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:29 - ID:6965597

    CAIRO, Aug 28 (MENA) - Cairo Criminal Court has adjourned until September 18 a ruling session in the trial of 494 Muslim Brotherhood members implicated in acts of violence that took place in Ramses Square following the crackdown on MB protest camps ....

  • Supreme Administrative Court sets Oct. 14 for appeal in "Abu Treika funds" case

    Date: 2017-08-27 12:45:11 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:36 - ID:6964215

    CAIRO, Aug 27 (MENA) - The Supreme Administrative Court has set for October 14 a session to probe an appeal filed by the State Lawsuits Authority, challenging a ruling to annul the sequestration of funds of retired football player Mohamed Abu ....

  • Court adjourns Morsi retrial in prison break case to Wednesday

    Date: 2017-08-26 16:26:11 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:57 - ID:6963164

    CAIRO, Aug 26 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court has decided to adjourn to Wednesday the retrial of ex-president Mohamad Morsi and 25 members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group over charges of assaulting security and police facilities in the ....

  • Court turns down challenge to suspend ruling in case of MB’s violence in Dar el Salam

    Date: 2017-08-26 15:19:56 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:45 - ID:6962828

    CAIRO, Aug 26 (MENA) – Cairo Criminal Court on Saturday turned down a challenge filed by two defendants to suspend a ruling against them over charges of committing acts of violence in Dar el Salam district, which close to Cairo suburb of ....

  • Trial of 24 MB elements adjourned till Sept. 26

    Date: 2017-08-26 15:13:59 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:35 - ID:6962708

    CAIRO, Aug 26 (MENA) - Cairo Criminal Court decided on Saturday to adjourn until September 26 the trial of 24 defendants of the so-called specific committees of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) over charges of carrying out terrorist acts. They are ....

  • Court adjourns trial of 2 MB elements over violence charges

    Date: 2017-08-26 13:36:00 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:39 - ID:6962784

    CAIRO, Aug 26 (MENA) - Cairo criminal court decided on Saturday to postpone until September 18 the trial of two defendants affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group over violence charges. The defendants; Hamdy Hemdan Mubarak Hassan ....

  • Lebanese Justice Minister receives head of Egyptian State Council

    Date: 2017-08-23 22:32:08 GMT - Lebanon - Justice - SN:89 - ID:6958947

    BEIRUT, Aug 23 (MENA) – Lebanese Justice Minister Selim Jreissati held a meeting Wednesday with Chief Justice of the Egyptian Council of State judge Ahmed Abo al-Azm. The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 7th conference of heads of ....

  • Court acquits Hussein Salem of money laundering charges

    Date: 2017-08-22 14:56:15 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:62 - ID:6956803

    CAIRO, Aug 22 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court has acquitted Egyptian tycoon Hussein Salem and his son and daughter of money laundering charges. The Salems had been accused of laundering more than two billion dollars in profit from a gas export ....

  • Retrial of Ansar Beit al Maqdes elements delayed to Tuesday

    Date: 2017-08-22 12:55:01 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:46 - ID:6956629

    CAIRO, Aug 22 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court on Tuesday postponed to next Tuesday the trial of 213 defendants of dangerous elements of Ansar Beit al Maqdes terrorist group who are facing several charges. They are involved in 54 terrorist ....

  • Cassation court counselors discuss amnedments to criminal procedures law

    Date: 2017-08-22 12:19:32 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:41 - ID:6956463

    CAIRO, Aug 22 (MENA) _ The cassation court counselors held on Tuesday a workshop under counselor Magdy Abul Ela, the president of the court and head of the Supreme Justice Council. They discussed amendments to criminal procedures law and contests ....

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