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  • Top prosecutor orders probe into death of Egyptian woman in Germany

    Date: 2017-05-09 17:46:03 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:69 - ID:6804296

    CAIRO, May 9 (MENA) - Prosecutor General Nabil Sedqi on Tuesday ordered opening a probe into the death of an Egyptian woman in Germany. Shaden Mohamed Shawqi el Gohary was reported to have been killed in the German city of Cottbus on April 18. ....

  • Trial of 67 defendants in Barakat assassination case adjourned until Saturday

    Date: 2017-05-09 16:50:18 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:67 - ID:6804280

    CAIRO, May 9 (MENA) - Cairo Criminal Court has adjourned until Saturday the trial of 67 members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood implicated in the assassination of prosecutor general Hisham Barakat. The defendants also face charges of spying ....

  • Court annuls sentences against Badie, MB leaders for storming Port Said’s Al-Arab police station

    Date: 2017-05-09 11:41:45 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:34 - ID:6803502

    CAIRO, May 9 (MENA) - The Court of Cassation annulled on Tuesday prison sentences handed down to terrorist Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 47 leaders and members of the banned group for storming Port Said’s Al-Arab police station in ....

  • Retrial of Badie, other MB leaders in 'Rabaa sit-in' case adjourned till May 20

    Date: 2017-05-09 10:43:55 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:32 - ID:6803454

    CAIRO, May 9 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court on Tuesday postponed to May 20 the re-trial of terrorist Muslim Brotherhood guide Mohamed Badie and 739 other leaders and members of the banned group over their involvement in the armed sit-in of ....

  • Sohag criminal court sets July 2 to issue verdict against 79 MB members

    Date: 2017-05-08 21:03:00 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:71 - ID:6802930

    SOHAG, Egypt, May 8 (MENA) - Sohag criminal court on Monday set July 2 to issue a verdict in the trial of 79 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members charged with joining a terrorist group and inciting protests and violence. Last year, security ....

  • House speaker says no bills on Azhar laws

    Date: 2017-05-08 17:10:44 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:52 - ID:6802612

    CAIRO, May 8 (MENA) - House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal said on Monday that he notified Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el Tayyeb that the parliament has not received any draft laws on amending Al Azhar laws. Tayyeb said that no need for ....

  • Businessman Malek in provisional detention for 15 days in bribery case

    Date: 2017-05-08 14:54:27 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:43 - ID:6802326

    CAIRO, May 8 (MENA) - The appeal judge at the Cairo court of misdemeanors decided on Monday to keep in custody businessman Ossama Malek and two others for 15 days pending investigations over bribery charges. Counselor Khaled Diaa, the first ....

  • Badie, 2 MB leaders sentenced to life

    Date: 2017-05-08 13:14:26 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:37 - ID:6802139

    CAIRO, May 8 (MENA) - The Giza Criminal Court on Monday sentenced to life terrorist Muslim Brotherhood guide Mohamed Badie along with two other MB leaders Hossam Abu Bakr and Mohammed Ghazlan for their involvement in preparing a terror plot that ....

  • Court delays retrial of Morsi, MB leaders in prison break case till May 17

    Date: 2017-05-08 11:02:04 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:30 - ID:6801847

    CAIRO, May 8 (MENA) - The Cairo Criminal Court deferred till May 17 the retrial of former president Mohamed Morsi and leaders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group on charges of prison break, attacking police facilities and killing ....

  • Family of late-minister Shazly faces corruption charges

    Date: 2017-05-07 16:18:23 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:48 - ID:6800977

    CAIRO, May 7 (MENA) - A son of late parliament affairs minister Kamal el-Shazly has been held into custody pending investigations into corruption charges against his father, whose wealth has become belonging to his family. The judge, conducting ....

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