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  • Venezuela says won’t recognize Kiev authorities until free elections in Ukraine

    Date: 2014-05-11 09:04:09 GMT - Venezuela - World - SN:31 - ID:714560

    CARACAS, May 11 (MENA) - Venezuela “does not recognize and will not recognize as legal a government that emerged as a result of a state coup,” the Bolivarian Republic’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday as quoted by Itar Tass. “In ....

  • 1st VP officially welcomes Pakistani PM

    Date: 2014-05-11 09:02:35 GMT - Iran - World - SN:30 - ID:714544

    TEHRAN, May 11 (MENA) - First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri officially welcomed visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the Cultural Historical Complex of Saadabad in north of Tehran on Sunday, IRNA reported. A number of senior Iranian ....

  • Death toll of South Korea ferry rises to 275

    Date: 2014-05-11 06:48:53 GMT - south korea - World - SN:6 - ID:714341

    SEOUL, May 11 (MENA) - Divers have retrieved two more bodies from the wreck of the South Korean ferry that sank last month, as conditions on the ship further deteriorated, CNN reported. The bodies were found late on Friday in the inverted, ....

  • Cameroon congratulates Zuma over election victory

    Date: 2014-05-10 20:47:00 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:110 - ID:714147

    LONDON, May 10 (MENA) - UK Prime Minister David Cameroon congratulated Saturday South Africa's President Jacob Zuma and his party, the African National Congress (ANC) on their victory in the South African general elections. "I extend my ....

  • Terrorist MB supporters stage protest outside White House

    Date: 2014-05-10 20:11:33 GMT - USA - World - SN:105 - ID:714149

    WASHINGTON, May 10 (MENA) – Scores of supporters of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group staged a protest outside the White House in Washington on Saturday. The protesters raised banners rejecting what they termed "military rule," calling ....

  • British gov't sends parcel to Falkland Islands addressed to Malvinas

    Date: 2014-05-10 18:58:39 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:96 - ID:714010

    LONDON, May 10 (MENA) - The UK government officials made an embarrassing blunder by referring to the Falklands Islands as 'Malvinas' - the name given to them by the Argentinians, Daily Mail reported on Saturday. The Home Office was pulled into ....

  • Cameron: Taxes will rise unless we can raid bank accounts

    Date: 2014-05-10 18:17:02 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:88 - ID:713871

    LONDON, May 10 (MENA) - Taxes will have to rise unless officials are given new powers to raid people's bank accounts, The Telegraph quoted UK Prime Minister David Cameron as saying. The Treasury select committee warned that allowing HM Revenue ....

  • Trial of 79 MB members in Sharkia delayed to May 11, 14, 24

    Date: 2014-05-10 17:52:05 GMT - Egypt - World - SN:84 - ID:713930

    ZAGAZIG, May 10 (MENA) – Zagazig Criminal Court ordered Saturday to postpone the trial of 79 members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood including the nephew of ousted president Mohamed Morsi to the sessions on May 11, 14 and 24. The court ....

  • Pakistani PM due in Tehran tomorrow

    Date: 2014-05-10 15:41:45 GMT - Iran - World - SN:72 - ID:713881

    TEHRAN, May 10 (MENA) - TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to start a two-day visit to Tehran on Sunday, FARS news agency reported. During his stay in Tehran, Sharif will have meetings with President Hassan Rouhani ....

  • UN calls for terrorists in Nigeria to face justice

    Date: 2014-05-09 21:01:18 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:108 - ID:712611

    NEW York, May 9 (MENA) - The UN Security Council is calling for the perpetrators of terrorist acts by Boko Haram in Nigeria to be held accountable for what may amount to crimes against humanity and is hinting at sanctions against the Islamist ....

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