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  • China shuts down 110 porn websites

    Date: 2014-04-21 19:39:03 GMT - China - World - SN:125 - ID:680700

    BEIJING, April 21 (MENA) - China has shut down 110 websites as part of a national crackdown on online pornography, the State Internet Information Office said. Some 3,300 accounts on China-based social networking services, such as WeChat and Sina ....

  • US stance on Open Skies Treaty non-constructive: Russian foreign ministry

    Date: 2014-04-21 18:56:55 GMT - Russia - World - SN:122 - ID:680641

    MOSCOW, April 21 (MENA) - The US stance on Open Skies Treaty is 'highly non-constructive', Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Monday commenting on the US decision to cancel an observation flight over Russia. On April 14, a ....

  • Kerry urges Russia to help implement Ukraine agreement

    Date: 2014-04-21 18:36:40 GMT - USA - World - SN:119 - ID:680644

    WASHINGTON, April 21 (MENA) - US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Russia on Monday to help implement an international agreement on the crisis in Ukraine, the Voice of America quoted US State Department as saying on Monday. Kerry spoke with ....

  • Foreign Affairs Mag: Three ways to split Ukraine

    Date: 2014-04-21 18:14:31 GMT - USA - World - SN:117 - ID:680596

    WASHINGTON, April 21 (MENA) – There are still three possible futures for Ukraine, Foreign Affairs Magazine said. On April 17, as foreign ministers from the United States, the European Union, Russia, and Ukraine struck a deal to ease mounting ....

  • Gunmen detain 3 journalists in eastern Ukraine

    Date: 2014-04-21 18:07:59 GMT - Ukraine - World - SN:116 - ID:680599

    KIEV, April 21 (MENA) - Three foreign journalists were temporarily detained by pro-Russia insurgents in city in eastern Ukraine, ABC News reported on Monday. One Belarusian and two Italian journalists were stopped on Monday by gunmen as they ....

  • Capital flight from Russia expected to reach $70-80B

    Date: 2014-04-21 17:23:29 GMT - Russia - World - SN:107 - ID:680550

    MOSCOW, April 21 (MENA) - The Russian Finance Ministry has forecast this year’s capital outflow from Russia as reaching $70-80 billion, the director of long-term planning at the ministry said Monday, RIA Novosti reported. “We are certain that it ....

  • WSJ: Companies map contingency plans as Ukraine crisis escalates

    Date: 2014-04-21 17:22:53 GMT - USA - World - SN:106 - ID:680538

    WASHINGTON, April 21 (MENA) – While Ukraine's gross domestic product is roughly the size of Alabama's, the economic spillover effect of rising political tension is hard to gauge. More than 100 public companies have mentioned the crisis on conference ....

  • Yanukovych demands return of Ukraine's military forces to permanent bases

    Date: 2014-04-21 16:58:55 GMT - Russia - World - SN:102 - ID:680511

    MOSCOW, April 21 (MENA) – Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych has addressed on Monday the current Kiev authorities in written regarding the sharply deteriorating situation in the country’s south-east. The document published Monday by the ....

  • Britain says Syria elections only designed to sustain Assad’s dictatorship

    Date: 2014-04-21 16:57:20 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:101 - ID:680485

    LONDON, April 21 (MENA) – British Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds said Syrian presidential elections, conducted against backdrop of regime attacks and in a climate of fear, will have no credibility. Commenting on the announcement today by ....

  • OSCE monitoring mission arrives in Ukrainian city of Sloviansk

    Date: 2014-04-21 15:35:41 GMT - Ukraine - World - SN:98 - ID:680397

    KIEV, April 21 (MENA) - A monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has arrived in the town of Sloviansk in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region to investigate a shooting incident that took place there on the ....

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