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  • Obama: US will lead coalition to fight Daesh

    Date: 2014-09-11 05:36:54 GMT - USA - World - SN:5 - ID:916721

    WASHINGTON, Sept 11 (MENA) - US President Barack Obama delivered a live televised address to the nation on his plans against Daesh, CNBC reported. Obama announced Wednesday night that the U.S. will lead a broad coalition of "friends and allies" ....

  • Russia has no intention to enter into new arms race- Putin

    Date: 2014-09-10 21:12:38 GMT - Russia - World - SN:170 - ID:916422

    MOSCOW, Sept 10 (MENA) - Russia will not enter into a new arms race, the ITAR-TASS cited Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying. "Somebody would like to start the flywheel of the arms race turning again," Putin said at a conference devoted to ....

  • Pope Francis calls on countering weapons with prayers

    Date: 2014-09-10 21:12:14 GMT - Italy - World - SN:169 - ID:916362

    VATICAN, Sept 10 (MENA) – Pope Francis called on countering war weapons with prayers for prevailing peace. Addressing people and pilgrims in Vatican, especially those who came from Middle East countries, the Pope urges for facing hatred with ....

  • Ban welcomes UNSC resolution on supporting military act against Daesh

    Date: 2014-09-10 21:11:29 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:168 - ID:916357

    NEW YORK, Sept 10 (MENA) – UN Security-General Ban Ki-Moon welcomed Wednesday the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council (UNSC) about supporting an international military action to eradicate the threat imposed by Daesh fighters. Ban ....

  • Egyptian GDRs in London down

    Date: 2014-09-10 19:25:43 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:152 - ID:916274

    LONDON, Sept 10 (MENA) - The Egyptian global depository receipts (GDRs) in London Stock Exchange dropped at the close of Wednesday's trading. The GDRs of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) and EFG-Hermes dropped by 0.08 and 3.29 percent ....

  • UK hits at Assad chlorine 'outrage'

    Date: 2014-09-10 18:42:12 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:149 - ID:916289

    LONDON, Sept 10 (MENA) - The UK has condemned Bashar Assad's use of chlorine in Syria as an "outrage" after the international watchdog found chemical weapons had continued to be used in the conflict, according to The Telegraph. The Organisation for ....

  • China concerned about US-Japan talks on offensive capabilities

    Date: 2014-09-10 18:40:21 GMT - Japan - World - SN:148 - ID:916262

    TOKYO, Sept 10 (MENA) - China on Wednesday voiced concers about reports that the United States may be engaged in discussions with Japan on how to expand the country's offensive capabilities, Kyodo said reported Wednesday. Japan's history of ....

  • Ebola is threatening Liberia's 'national existence' says defence minister

    Date: 2014-09-10 18:13:28 GMT - Belgium - World - SN:146 - ID:916230

    NEW YORK, Sept 10 (MENA) - Liberia's national existence is 'seriously threatened' by the deadly Ebola virus that is 'spreading like wild fire and devouring everything in its path,' the country's national defence minister told the United Nations ....

  • CNN: Obama open to airstrikes on Daesh in Syria, wants to arm rebels

    Date: 2014-09-10 18:10:50 GMT - USA - World - SN:144 - ID:916231

    WASHINGTON, Sept 10 (MENA) – US Barack Obama President has asked Congress for the authority to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to fight the al-Qaeda off shoot in Iraq and Syria (Daesh), administration and congressional sources told CNN. ....

  • Daesh weapons made in Turkey -- Turkish paper

    Date: 2014-09-10 17:13:52 GMT - Turkey - World - SN:132 - ID:916172

    ANKARA, Sept 10 (MENA) – Turkey-based newspaper Taraf said on Wednesday that the weapons and explosives used by the terrorist Daesh group (previously known as ISIL) are made in the Turkish national military factories. According to a report by the ....

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