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  • Lavrov: Washington nonetheless refuses arming Ukraine

    Date: 2015-03-21 12:45:18 GMT - Russia - World - SN:45 - ID:2211349

    MOSCOW, March 21 (MENA) - Russian Overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov identified that “US President Barack Obama’s administration nonetheless refuses even now supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine.” The minister stated in an interview on the channel ....

  • Obama considers slower Afghan exit

    Date: 2015-03-21 11:48:07 GMT - USA - World - SN:42 - ID:2211549

    WASHINGTON, March 21 (MENA) - resident Barack Obama’s hopes for ending America’s war in Afghanistan by 2017 are facing new challenges as he considers slowing the US military’s withdrawal to help Afghan security forces contain the Taliban and ward ....

  • Romania to deport two police officers suspected of wiretapping to Turkey

    Date: 2015-03-21 09:40:12 GMT - Romania - World - SN:27 - ID:2210329

    BUCHAREST, March 21 (MENA) - Authorities in Romania are expected to extradite to Turkey two Turkish police officers, still under detention in this country on suspicion of eavesdropping on their President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, according to the ....

  • Japanese, S. Korean top diplomats agree to defuse tensions

    Date: 2015-03-21 09:09:38 GMT - Japan - World - SN:23 - ID:2210065

    SEOUL, March 21 (MENA) - Japan and South Korea agreed Saturday to work toward a de-escalation of tensions that have flared over wartime historical issues as this year marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties, Kyodo news ....

  • Two convicted in Canada VIA rail terror plot case

    Date: 2015-03-21 08:11:51 GMT - Canada - World - SN:15 - ID:2209589

    OTTAWA, March 21 (MENA) - A Canadian court has convicted two terror suspects over a plot to attack a train from New York to Toronto. Raed Jaser, a Canadian resident of Palestinian descent, and Tunisian migrant Chiheb Esseghaier were arrested in ....

  • Gunfight kills 10 after ambush on Mexican police

    Date: 2015-03-21 07:24:08 GMT - Mexico - World - SN:12 - ID:2209329

    MEXICO CITY, March 21 (MENA) - Ten people were killed in a gunfight in western Mexico when suspected gang members ambushed a police convoy in one of the deadliest attacks on security forces since Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto took office in ....

  • Park meets with foreign ministers of China, Japan

    Date: 2015-03-21 07:20:42 GMT - south korea - World - SN:11 - ID:2209313

    SEOUL, March 21 (MENA) - South Korean President Park Geun-hye met Saturday with the foreign ministers of China and Japan, Yonhap News Agency said quoting Park's office said. Park exchanged opinions with Wang Yi from China and Fumio Kishida from ....

  • 5.3 quake shakes central Mexico; some evacuations in Capital

    Date: 2015-03-21 06:58:37 GMT - Mexico - World - SN:10 - ID:2209229

    MEXICO CITY, March 21 (MENA) - A moderate 5.3-magnitude earthquake shook central Mexico, causing buildings to sway in the capital and sending hundreds of people into the streets. There were no reports of damage or casualties, ABC News reported ....

  • Syria fears prompt travel ban on five teenage girls

    Date: 2015-03-20 22:49:50 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:117 - ID:2208877

    LONDON, March 20 (MENA) - Five teenage girls who had shown an interest in going to Syria have been barred from traveling abroad by a judge at London's High Court, the BBC reported on Friday. The girls - two aged 15 and three aged 16 - were made ....

  • White House 'strongly condemns' Yemen suicide bombings

    Date: 2015-03-20 22:30:06 GMT - USA - World - SN:116 - ID:2208881

    WASHINGTON, March 20 (MENA) – The White House on Friday condemned twin suicide bombings on Yemeni mosques that killed more than 120 worshipers. Describing the attacks in Sanaa as unprovoked, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there is not, ....

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