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  • US calls on UNSC to address Iran's ballistic missile tests

    Date: 2016-03-12 07:36:37 GMT - USA - World - SN:3 - ID:4492305

    WASHINGTON, March 12 (MENA) - The United States rebuked Iran on Friday over a series of “provocative and destabilizing” ballistic missile tests this week and accused the Iranians of having violated a United Nations Security Council resolution that ....

  • US calls for UNSC consultations on Iran's ballistic missiles

    Date: 2016-03-12 07:33:48 GMT - United Nations - World - SN:2 - ID:4492253

    NEW YORK, March 12 (MENA) - US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power called on the UN Security Council (UNSC) to hold consultations on Monday on the growing threats after Iran's ballistic missiles launch. Describing such missiles as ....

  • Korean Air to launch direct service to Iran in 2016

    Date: 2016-03-11 20:51:01 GMT - south korea - World - SN:79 - ID:4491465

    SEOUL, March 11 (MENA) – A direct air route linking South Korea and Iran will open for the first time in four decades following the lifting of international sanctions against the Middle East country, Yonhap news agency quoted the South Korean ....

  • China welcomes EU approval of France deal to build nuclear plant in UK

    Date: 2016-03-11 18:25:02 GMT - China - World - SN:71 - ID:4490813

    BEIJING, March 11 (MENA) – China welcomed the EU's approval of a deal between Electricite de France (EDF) and China General Nuclear Power Corp. (CGN) for the construction of the Hinkley Point nuclear plant in the United Kingdom, on Friday, Xinhua ....

  • Syrian gov't to participate in Geneva talks - Russian Foreign Ministry

    Date: 2016-03-11 16:37:07 GMT - Russia - World - SN:68 - ID:4490193

    MOSCOW, March 11 (MENA) - Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharovaon Friday said that Saudi-backed Syrian opposition has been threatening to skip dialogue with Damascus at the Geneva peace talks, Sputnik News reported. Meanwhile, ....

  • Central Russia gunpowder plant explosion kills two, injures three

    Date: 2016-03-11 14:12:10 GMT - Russia - World - SN:55 - ID:4489457

    MOSCOW, March 11 (MENA) - An emergency services source said that an explosion at a gunpowder plant in central Russia’s Tambov killed at least two people and injured three others on Friday, Sputnik news agency reported. "According to the ....

  • Merkel says 3,000 Iraqis returning home every month

    Date: 2016-03-11 13:41:52 GMT - Germany - World - SN:50 - ID:4488933

    BERLIN, March 10 (MENA) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said around 3,000 migrants were returning to Iraq from Germany every month and that the number was on the rise, The Daily Mail reported. Many are living in shelters and are frustrated with ....

  • Russia to Respond Adequately to New US Nuclear Bombs in Europe

    Date: 2016-03-11 13:05:41 GMT - Russia - World - SN:49 - ID:4488393

    MOSCOW, March 11 (MENA) - Russia will provide an adequate response to the planned deployment of upgraded US B61-12 nuclear bombs in Europe, the Sputnik cited a senior Russian diplomat as saying. "In the military sphere, as a general rule, any ....

  • Banned cleric Omar Bakri recruited British jihadists: Telegraph

    Date: 2016-03-11 13:04:13 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:48 - ID:4488553

    LONDON, March 11 (MENA) - The exiled radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad has been recruiting British fighters for Daesh, the Telegraph can reveal. The cleric, who was banished from the UK in 2005, was named as a sponsor by British jihadists ....

  • German police arrest man over bomb threat at US embassy

    Date: 2016-03-11 12:22:05 GMT - Germany - World - SN:44 - ID:4488405

    BERLIN, March 11 (MENA) - A man has been arrested after falsely claiming to have a bomb inside a suitcase he was trying to take into the US Embassy in Berlin, The Daily Mail reported on Friday. The German suspect, 23, was overpowered after he ....

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