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  • S. Korea condemns Pyongyang's missile tests

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:56:58 GMT - south korea - World - SN:20 - ID:5137909

    SEOUL, June 22 (MENA) - South Korea "strongly" condemned North Korea's latest launch of intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM) on Wednesday, warning that the North will face toughened sanctions and more pressure from the world going forward, ....

  • Australian officials: Plane debris found on Kangaroo Island not from missing Malaysian plane

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:44:00 GMT - Australia - World - SN:19 - ID:5138233

    CANBERRA, June 22 (MENA) - A piece of plane debris found off Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia did not come from MH370, ABC news quoted Australian officials as saying Wednesday. Discovered among a pile of seaweed and wood by a ....

  • India sets new record in space mission, it successfully injects 20 satellites into orbit

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:43:46 GMT - India - World - SN:18 - ID:5138193

    NEW DELHI, June 22 (MENA) - India took a big leap in space technology on Wednesday when Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) used its workhorse PSLV-C34 to inject 20 satellites including 17 foreign satellites into orbit in a single mission and ....

  • Top general's candor: No strategy against Daesh in Libya

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:12:25 GMT - USA - World - SN:14 - ID:5137785

    WASHINGTON, June 22 (MENA) - In remarkably blunt testimony, US President Barack Obama's nominee to command US forces in Africa said Tuesday that more ground troops were needed in Libya to fight Daesh and agreed the current strategy of not bombing ....

  • Two firefighters killed as forest fire rages in Cyprus

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:11:06 GMT - Cyprus - World - SN:13 - ID:5137957

    NICOSIA, June 22 (MENA) - Two firefighters were killed tackling one of the largest forest fires to hit Cyprus in years, and several countries mobilized aid on Tuesday as the flames raged for a third day, euronews reported. The fire, which police ....

  • Kerry meets with US State Department officials critical of US Syria policy

    Date: 2016-06-22 07:09:02 GMT - USA - World - SN:11 - ID:5137753

    WASHINGTON, June 22 (MENA) - US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday met with a group of US diplomats who signed an internal memo deeply critical of the Obama administration’s Syria policy, Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The ....

  • Pentagon says N. Korean missiles posed no threat to North America

    Date: 2016-06-22 06:13:21 GMT - USA - World - SN:5 - ID:5137641

    WASHINGTON, June 22 (MENA) - Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said in a statement Wednesday that North Korea launched two intermediate-range missiles that flew over the Sea of Japan where they both fell. The statement added that the first ....

  • North Korea test-fires two mid-range missiles

    Date: 2016-06-22 06:08:19 GMT - south korea - World - SN:2 - ID:5137645

    SEOUL, June 22 (MENA) - North Korea has launched two mid-range missiles off its eastern coast, even though such attempts are banned by the UN, Sky news reported Wednesday. South Korean and US officials have said the first rocket failed over the ....

  • European Commission chief hopes Brexit'd not be result of the referendum

    Date: 2016-06-21 22:01:05 GMT - Greece - World - SN:99 - ID:5137057

    ATHENS, June 21 (MENA) - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker hoped Tuesday that Britain would not leave the EU following the anticipated referendum, ABC News reported. "I hope that 'Brexit' will not be the result of the ....

  • Protest in Turkey after arrest of journalists, academic

    Date: 2016-06-21 21:50:01 GMT - Turkey - World - SN:98 - ID:5136973

    ISTANBUL, June 21 (MENA) - Dozens of Turkish demonstrators gathered in Istanbul on Tuesday to protest the arrests of two journalists and an academic on charges of disseminating "terrorist propaganda." A fourth journalist was released after a ....

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