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  • Russian Air Force intensifies strikes on terrorists near Palmyra

    Date: 2016-07-14 19:03:33 GMT - Russia - World - SN:80 - ID:5260073

    MOSCOW, July 14 (MENA) - Russia used six long-range bombers to target terrorist forces and oil sites in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry reported, saying it is intensifying airstrikes near Palmyra. According to Russia Today, the Tu-22M3 ....

  • China on high alert as floods kill 237

    Date: 2016-07-14 18:46:03 GMT - China - World - SN:78 - ID:5260273

    BEIJING, July 14 (MENA) - China said Thursday it will "prepare for the worst and strive for the best" after more than 200 people died following floods across the country, Xinhua reported. "Although the water levels in middle and lower reaches of ....

  • Aleppo siege takes Syria ceasefire to breaking point - Paper

    Date: 2016-07-14 18:04:28 GMT - United Kingdom - World - SN:74 - ID:5259709

    LONDON, July 14 (MENA) - US State Secretary John Kerry will offer concessions to Russian President Vladimir Putin on military co-operation in Syria, reflecting recognition in Washington that the Assad regime’s battlefield gains, aided by Russia, ....

  • Historic levels of migration for Germany

    Date: 2016-07-14 16:02:30 GMT - Germany - World - SN:68 - ID:5259105

    BERLIN, July 14 (MENA) - Migration to Germany attained record levels in 2015, EFE Spanish news agency cited a report released Thursday by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. The number of immigrants grew 46 percent year-on-year, reaching a ....

  • US-led warplanes launch 10 raids on Daesh posts in Syria

    Date: 2016-07-14 15:15:51 GMT - USA - World - SN:60 - ID:5259045

    WASHINGTON, July 14 (MENA) – US-led coalition warplanes launched 10 air raids on Daesh outposts in Syria, including targets in Alleppo, the US army said. According to the US Al-Hurra radio station, one strike destroyed three oil wells near Deir ....

  • India sends planes to pick up citizens stranded in South Sudan

    Date: 2016-07-14 13:49:49 GMT - India - World - SN:51 - ID:5258145

    NEW DELHI, July 14 (MENA) - India has dispatched two military transport aircraft to evacuate its citizens stranded in South Sudan amid continuing violence in the African nation, according to The Wall Street Journal. There are an estimated 600 ....

  • New ballistic missile under development in Russia

    Date: 2016-07-14 12:26:54 GMT - Russia - World - SN:46 - ID:5257821

    MOSCOW, July 14 (MENA) - The Russian "Academician V.P.Makeyev State Rocket Centre" is planning to develop a new ballistic missile, the Russian Izvestia newspaper reported. According to the newspaper, the ballistic missile could be sea-based and ....

  • Obama deploys troops to South Sudan

    Date: 2016-07-14 12:22:07 GMT - USA - World - SN:44 - ID:5257857

    WASHINGTON, July 14 (MENA) - US President Barack Obama notified Congress that he has deployed more than 200 US troops to South Sudan to protect US embassy staff who are facing a “deteriorating security situation.” The first 47 troops arrived in ....

  • I’d rather quit than reinstitute waterboarding -- CIA chief

    Date: 2016-07-14 10:06:02 GMT - USA - World - SN:25 - ID:5256645

    WASHINGTON, July 14 (MENA) - CIA Director John Brennan said he would resign if the next president ordered his agency to resume waterboarding suspected militants, Raw Story reported. Brennan remarks were apparent reference to comments by ....

  • HRW: Afghan government fails to protect children

    Date: 2016-07-14 09:05:17 GMT - USA - World - SN:21 - ID:5256181

    NEW YORK, July 14 (MENA) – An international rights group said a quarter of all Afghan children work for a living yet the government fails to protect them from injury, death or exploitation, ABC News reported on Thursday. Human Rights Watch said ....

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