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  • Ahmed Ezz finally disqualified from parliament polls

    Date: 2015-10-07 16:54:08 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:84 - ID:3486617

    CAIRO, Oct 7 (MENA) - Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court on Wednesday definitively issued a final ruling banning former politician Ahmed Ezz's from running for the coming parliamentary elections. The court rejected an appeal by Ezz against a ....

  • 29 MB middle-ranking leaders arrested

    Date: 2015-10-07 15:42:32 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:75 - ID:3486261

    CAIRO, Oct 7 (MENA) – Some 29 middle-ranking leaders of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were arrested nationwide over the past 24 hours. The MB leaders were rounded up over charges of inciting violence, assaulting public and private ....

  • Trial of 23 members Ansar al Sharia Brigades adjourned to Oct 21

    Date: 2015-10-07 13:51:29 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:57 - ID:3484917

    CAIRO, Oct 7 (MENA) – The Cairo Criminal Court on Wednesday postponed to October 21 the trial of 23 defendants of the so-called 'Ansar al Sharia Brigades' over charges of murdering 11 policemen, attempted murder of nine others, possessing firearms ....

  • Court delays challenges by Beltagy, Hegazy over prison terms to Nov 4

    Date: 2015-10-07 13:11:46 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:50 - ID:3484625

    CAIRO, Oct 7 (MENA) – The court of cassation postponed examining the challenges filed by Muslim Brotherhood leaders Mohamed el Beltagy and Safwat Hegazy and two doctors against their prison terms handed down last month over charges of kidnapping and ....

  • GCC justice ministers call for unified anti-terror plan

    Date: 2015-10-06 17:07:58 GMT - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Justice - SN:56 - ID:3480661

    RIYADH, Oct 6 (MENA) – The Justice Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries called Tuesday for a unified terrorism-combat system in the region. Concluding their 27th meeting in Doha, they agreed on a draft extradition agreement ....

  • 3 MB members nabbed in western Alex.

    Date: 2015-10-06 14:49:17 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:48 - ID:3479961

    ALEXANDRIA, Oct 6 (MENA) - Alexandria security forces arrested three members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Mina el Basel district. They face charges of joining a banned group, organizing protests without permission and inciting ....

  • Egyptian judges reject interference in court verdicts

    Date: 2015-10-06 14:08:37 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:44 - ID:3479453

    BARCELONA, Oct 6 (MENA) - President of the Egyptian Judges Clubs Abdallah Fathi called on members of the International Association of Judges to stand by Egypt's judiciary against attempts by some Western countries to interfere in the verdicts under ....

  • 18 MB members remanded in custody

    Date: 2015-10-05 18:19:34 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:81 - ID:3474585

    TANTA, Egypt, Oct 5 (MENA) – Prosecution in the Delta governorate of Gharbiya decided Monday that 18 members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group are to be remanded in custody for 15 days pending investigations. The defendants had been ....

  • Trial of 51 defendants in Port Said prison break adjourned

    Date: 2015-10-05 15:49:20 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:63 - ID:3472957

    CAIRO, Oct 5 (MENA) - The Port Said Criminal Court decided on Monday to adjourn to next Monday and Tuesday the trial of 51 defendants in the case of Port Said prison break in January 2013 in the wake of death sentences issued against a number of ....

  • Trial of 494 MB members over Ramsis calshes adjourned

    Date: 2015-10-04 15:43:37 GMT - Egypt - Justice - SN:71 - ID:3466929

    CAIRO, Oct 4 (MENA) – Cairo Criminal Court ordered Sunday the trial of 494 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members to be put off till December 15. The accused MB members face charges in connection with killing, committing acts of violence and sabotage ....

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